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Õdevie is also useful accessories… and training courses


Õdevie pays particular attention to its environmental impact.
To make our selection, we took the time to choose products that last over time, made from natural and/or recycled raw materials.
Our accessories are mostly recyclable and are all made in Europe.

Measuring cup

Reusable 300ml cup, made of BPA-free polypropylene, recyclable.
Pre-graduated for the different cures:

  • isotonic 100ml
  • isotonic 250ml 
  • hypertonic in 20 and 30ml


The Wavy is a 400ml recycled glass bottle.
Cap is made of biodegradable wood fibres, recyclable and non-toxic polypropylene.
The silicone sealing washer allows a perfect fit.
Dishwasher safe (excluding silicone washer).

The cover: protects against shocks, made from recycled PET bottles and washable at 30°.
All closing materials are free of plasticizers and bisphenols (BPA).
100% vegan.
Can be used with soft drinks.

2 versions:

  • The graduated Super Wavy to prepare 200 or 400ml of isotonic with protective cover
  • The Wavy (without graduation, without cover)

Why choose a glass bottle?
Seawater is corrosive, and over time it will oxidise your stainless steel bottles (rust) and degrade your plastic bottles (micro-particles detachment).
Glass, on the other hand, is durable and is not affected by sea water.

Take Õdevie everywhere with you! 



Refillable glass sprays, made in Europe!

Nasal spray 

  • 50ml refillable glass bottle
  • Polypropylene and polyethylene tip and cap

Daily: hydration and prevention, spray your nose morning and evening with isotonic
Winter sickness: fill the bottle with hypertonic and rinse your nose up to 12 times a day!

Mist spray

  • 50ml refillable glass bottle
  • Polypropylene and polyethylene tip and cap

Daily: moisturize your skin morning and evening with isotonic.
Occasional use: spray isotonic, on wounds or mosquito bites for immediate relief and to support cell regeneration.
Spray the entrance of your throat with hypertonic, to support your immune system and reduce inflammation.

Cycling water bottle

Graduated, biosourced and 100% recyclable 500ml bottle, made in the Netherlands.

Made of 100% recyclable green polyethylene.
Heat and cold resistant.
Graduated to prepare 500 ml of isotonic!

Your isotonic comes with you, on a ride or a race!

Partnership with LASFRAT
Bottle created in collaboration with the sports and charity association Lasfrat, on the occasion of 2 sporting challenges of cyclists in order to collect funds for the association Les Petits Pas de Justine.

Measurable shaker

Measuring, recyclable shaker, made in Germany.

600ml graduated shaker, made of BPA-free polypropylene, recyclable.
Its removable grill allows you to prepare your effort drink easily and without lumps.
The shaker is graduated from 50ml to 50ml and pre-dosed to prepare 600ml of isotonic!

For hydration within reach, even during exercise!

Training program (currently only in French)

Thematic training courses for health professionals or an informed public.

7 to 8 hours of lessons per theme, divided into several video-courses that you can follow at the most convenient time for you.
Each course can be viewed as many times as you wish, within 24 hours of starting the course.
Course documentation available for download:

  1. Marine plasma: Biology, Physiology et Naturopathy
  2. Marine plasma and Athletes: Nutrition, Competition, Recovery, Naturopathy

It is because every day we advance knowledge that we see evolutions!
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