Qualitative analyses: Before packaging a batch, we perform a bacteriological analysis to ensure the absence of pathogenic bacteria. The analysis is carried out by a French laboratory approved by the authorities.

Vibration quality analyses: We consider sea water as a living product and sensitive to polluting vibrations. We therefore carry out regular analyses to check the vibratory quality of the water, the quality of the protective device for storage and transport (torsion field corrector) and the quality of the water at the time of consumption. These analyses are carried out in Switzerland by a specialist: Mr Nicolas Stelling who has a specific equipment (the bioscope) and establishes protocols with all the Swiss rigour. These analyses show that the vibratory quality of OdeVie seawater is at least equal to oceanic seawater and that the protective device allows the initial vibratory quality of the seawater to be maintained. We can show and comment on these results upon request.

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