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4 essential reasons to choose Õdevie

The quality

Such a vibrant product! This seawater is 100% natural, cold-sterilized according to René Quinton’s protocol. Absorbed in a protected Natural Park called “Cabo de Gata”, our product is subject to meticulous monthly analyses.

Found in the heart of an Atlantic vortex

  • The catchment jug is positioned 1’300 meters from the coast and 38 meters deep. The water is pumped all-day to make the most of the light, temperature and water currents in all their forms.

The quality of our seawater is OUR priority

  • Each batch is analyzed, and these analyses can be found on our website. We regularly do analyses against 325 potential polluants, whose results also feature on our Quality page.

A product that is sensible, full of life, and that we protect

  • From the pumping to the filtering, torsion field correctors are put on our installations. A similar corrector is also stuck on each of our bottles.

Several steps of filtering to make an impeccable product

  • After the pumping, the water is left to rest for decantation. It then goes through a first filtration, then is left to rest for a week again. Finally, it is goes through a sterilizing filtration with cold (0,22 microns), following René Quinton’s protocol.

The benefits

It is a food complement rich in magnesium that serves as a powerful source of vitality. Its action benefits all your body: it remineralizes, regenerates and energizes your cells!

An incredible source of minerals

  • With a mineral content level around 39,8-40,5g per liter, the product is full of bio-available natural minerals. There is no added salt, only sodium from its natural state.

An excellent drink to keep yourself hydrated

  • In isotonic solution (see how to make your isotonic drink), its composition is similar to the composition of blood plasma. It’s a unique product to ensure a good environment for our cell metabolism (moisturization, detox, waste, etc.) as well as a deep clean.

A de-acidifier for the body

  • Because of the high level of minerals and the neutral pH, this water helps to maintain an alkaline environment in your body

The public

It works for everyone, in hypertonic and isotonic solution: children, adults, seniors, people in recovery, pregnant women, athletes and more!

For growing children

  • works as a great mineral supplier

For adults and seniors

  • because of its remineralizing qualities, it feeds and hydrates the cells which then reduces the bad effects that come with age

For people in postoperative recovery or needing a bigger supply of minerals

  • we recommend the isotonic drink that greatly helps to regain strength and energy

For pregnant women and babies

  • in hypertonic to ensure a sufficient intake in minerals at the beginning of pregnancy
    in isotonic: completes your mineral drinks
    and with fruit or vegetable juices to help with vitamin absorption

The economy

You can prepare your isotonic solution yourself, choose your own packaging, which gives the product a great value.

The only water that goes this far for you!

  • With a mineral level of around 40,4‰, you can make 4,5l of isotonic solution with 1l of hypertonic (f.y.i. blood plasma has a level between 9 and 10‰).

Less expensive than sea water bulbs

  • 1L bottle of hypertonic = At least 100 hypertonic bulbs
    1L bottle of hypertonic = 450 isotonic bulbs for 9‰ isotonic

Family-friendly packaging

  • for large families and true athletes who require a long cure!

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