Athletes, leisure or competition

a 1% body weight loss
a 10% decrease in your performance

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Athletes, leisure or

Beauty, detox, hydration

Making sure you are hydrated enough is key!

Sports training

The water in our body will mostly be evacuated through breathing and sweating. The increase in our breathing rhythm during the effort will increase the quantity of water that will be exhaled from our airways (lungs, mouth, nose). During a physical effort, the body temperature increases as well: and so, to avoid this warming that could be potentially harmful, the body evacuates water and mineral salts through sweating. Water is also evacuated through urine at the smallest degree increase.

A 1% body weight loss will lead to a loss in aerobic capacity (endurance performance) that is ten times bigger! A notion to keep in mind is the one of “2%”: the threshold where problems start!

Maintenance – storing of minerals, bone and muscle structure

  • with your hypertonic solution, prepare the isotonic solution
    1 month or even 3 months before a competition, drink 100 ml a day in several intakes. You can increase your intakes to 500 – 600 ml a day depending on the intensity of your workouts.

During effort

3% of dehydration = a 30% loss in the quality of your performance. Your mouth is dry.
In intense physical activity, minerals will mostly be used for muscle contraction and the functioning of your nervous system. The minerals you mainly need for exercise are: sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron.

To avoid having cramps: the sodium-potassium balance

The 2 minerals will act to maintain the body’s fluids and its acid-base balance: potassium controls the intracellular pH, while sodium controls the extracellular pH. Potassium also contributes to muscle protein synthesis and to carbohydrate metabolism, while sodium plays an important part in hydration, nerve impulse transmission and muscle contraction.

During a long workout, like a marathon, a competition or a cycle race…

  • drink up 100 to 250 ml of isotonic solution per hour, or as required

Avoid feeling sluggish

After a 4% water loss, your body will feel tired and breathless.
Other than that, you can experience headaches and difficulties in concentrating.

For a strong boost

  • prepare between 30 and 40 ml of hypertonic solution
    take a sip of it, around 10 ml, 1 to 4 times depending of the length on the workout in addition to the isotonic solution


After your workout, rest! It is essential to drain and remove the acids to ensure the mineral recharge and most importantly the acid-base balance.

Don’t forget the after-workout, a must to get back on your feet!

  • drink between 100 – 250 ml a day in several intakes, outside of meals.
    Up to one month before a competition

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