Beauty, Detox, Hydration

a total solution of minerals
for skin care,
body care, vitality

Why you should choose Õdevie

A magnesium-rich food supplement

Vitality &
energy at any age!à tout âge!

Athletes, leisure or

Beauty, Detox, Hydration

The skin, a protective envelope

The inner mirror

Our skin is put to the test every day: by the temperature of the air, the sun, the wind which dries our mucous membranes, the changes of season, etc.

  • It is a biological barrier to external aggressions but also a mirror of our inner state
A balanced skin requires both external and internal care. Your diet and your hydration are the first guarantee of a balanced skin
  • Raw food, rich in living vitamins, first cold-pressed oils for the contribution of essential fatty acids to complete the whole…and the precious marine solution Õdevie

Cleansing and toning lotion

Fill your Õdevie skin spray with isotonic solution (mixture of hypertonic Õdevie and spring water or low mineralized water)
Spray on your face morning and evening to clean your skin, then a second time to energize it

=> You can of course add flower or plant hydrolats to your isotonic solution to make a more specific treatment.

Problem skin

  • Dry skin: 100 ml of carrot juice + 20 ml (or 2 bottle caps) of hypertonic Õdevie + 1 teaspoon of avocado oil, apply every night on a properly cleansed skin
  • Acne-prone skin: 100 ml of cucumber and apple juice + 20 ml of hypertonic Õdevie + 1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel
  • Oily skin: 100 ml of cucumber and fennel juice + 20 ml of isotonic Õdevie + ½ lime

    Recipes to drink to nourish and treat from within

Mucous membrane care

Fill your nasal spray with hypertonic (or isotonic) solution and spray several times a day (up to 12 times) to rinse your mucous membranes.
The hypertonic solution will create a barrier to viruses and remineralize the cells. The isotonic will hydrate and maintain the mineral balance.

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