Secure payment

We take payment security very seriously. We offer the following solutions:

Stripe system:

  • Secure payment system
  • Accepts every bank card
  • Information does not transit through our website, we are only informed of your payment
  • You are also separately informed of the regulations
  • We can send you your money back in case of refund

Bank transfer

  • Secure payment system
  • You can do a transfer via your online bank interface or via your bank
  • Bank references:
    • Beneficiary: Õdevie sàrl – 1227 Carouge Switzerland
    • IBAN: CH96 0024 0240 9961 5160 R
  • Make sure to ask for a SEPA credit transfer (usually free)
  • Do not forget to mention your invoice number
  • The products are only sent when we receive the transfer on our account

For security, we do not accept payments by check or cash.