Absorbed in a Protected Natural Park
Seawater particularly rich
In minerals and magnesium

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  • A rich and diverse environment

    ÕdeVie Seawater is pumped from the Alboran Sea, located at the entrance of the Mediterranean Sea. This area, geologically characterized by its tectonic tensions provoked by the African and European plates, is known for its permanent underwater volcanic activity. This activity releases a great quantity of mineral substances that then give very specific features to our Marine Plasma.

    The second feature of the Alboran Sea is its strong currents (on the surface and in deep-sea), related to the Mediterranean – Atlantic Ocean junction. These currents, called ‘‘upwellings’’, hang minerals and promote mineral dissolution as well as their incorporation in the morphological structure of water. Furthermore, two gigantic circular movements ensure the revitalization of the water.

    The result gives us a dynamized water that is filled with bio-available mineral substances (its mineral content is 12 to 15% higher than in ocean water).


  • In the heart of a protected natural park

    The CABO DE GATA Natural Park (CDG):
    This is where the water jug is found, 1’300 meters away from the coast and 38 meters deep so that we can benefit from a vortex linked to the Atlantic currents. The pumping is done all day so that we can fully enjoy each salinity, solar and lunar light, temperature and current condition in each cycle. Because of this, our water is a totum of all its forms.

    The area is sparsely populated and has many wild areas.
    Merchant navigation is strictly forbidden.
    Sporting activities are limited and severely controlled.
    Discharges of any origin are severely controlled.
    To check water quality, we regularly perform analyses: 2019-09-10 (click on the link to read them).

    Sourced documents:

  • Sterilizing filtration

    After pumping, the water is left at rest for approximately one week. A cold micro filtration is then performed on it and the water is once again left at rest for a week.
    It undergoes a final cold sterilizing filtration (0,22 micrometers*) in accordance with the protocol René Quinton established.
    And after its filtration, the seawater is immediately bottled and left at rest before being shipped.

    *0,22 micrometer filters are used in water filtering devices for trips in tropical areas and allow us to block seaweeds, bacteria and viruses.

  • A living remedy

    We see seawater as a living product that is sensible to polluting vibrations (radio waves, motor frequencies, devices, phones, wifi, etc.)
    This is why we have developed a very specific protocol: the disposal of torsion field correctors at each step of preparation and packaging of marine plasma (except on the isotonic bottles). These devices allow us to protect seawater from electromagnetic frequencies emitted by filtration equipments, and to maintain the vibratory quality of seawater to its full potential. 

    This energy value is regularly tested in Switzerland so that our protocol quality is guaranteed. You will find on our bottles a sticker device that protects seawater during every step, between transport and storage.

    The + side of Õdevie: The device can be re-used to correct any electronic device. For a mobile phone, several should be used.

  • Quality analyses

    Concerned about the state of our seas, the quality of our seawater is our PRIORITY. We regularly analyse it in an accredited laboratory.
    Bacteriological analysis: go at the top of the page and type your batch number to find the results.

    Last mineral and pollutant analyses: