Absorbed in a Protected Natural Park
Seawater particularly rich
In minerals and magnesium

  • Wealth of the environment

    OdeVie seawater is driven into the Alboran Sea, located at the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea. This area, geologically characterized by tectonic tensions linked to the meeting of African and European plates, is known for its permanent underwater volcanic activity. This activity releases large quantities of mineral substances and gives this marine plasma specific properties.

    The second characteristic of the Alboran Sea is the presence of strong marine currents (at surface and depth), linked to the Mediterranean-Atlantic Ocean junction. These currents, called upwelling, resuspend minerals and promote the dissolution and incorporation of minerals into the morphological structure of the water.

    The result is a dynamic water particularly rich in bioavailable mineral substances (12 to 15% more mineral substances than oceanic waters).


  • In the heart of a protected natural park

    The collection point is located in the protected natural park CABO DE GATA:

    – Merchant shipping is strictly prohibited

    – Sports practices are restricted and severely controlled

    – Releases from any source are extremely controlled

    – In order to check the quality of the water, we regularly carry out analyses.

    The collection jug is positioned 1,300 metres from the coast and 38 metres deep, in order to take advantage of a vortex linked to the Atlantic current. The pumping is carried out under extremely strict hygiene and safety conditions by a boat specialised in pumping sea water.


  • Sterilizing filtration

    0.22 micron filters are used in water filtration devices for travel to the tropics in order to stop algae, bacteria and most viruses. Information on sterilizing ultrafiltration: click here

    •  After pumping, the water is left to rest for about a week
    • It is subjected to a cold micro filtration, then left to rest again during one week
    • It then undergoes a final cold sterilizing filtration (0.22 microns) in accordance with the protocol defined by René Quiton
    • The sea water is bottled immediately after filtration and then put to rest before transport.
  • A living remedy

    We consider seawater as a living product and sensitive to polluting vibrations (radio waves, frequencies emitted by engines, machines, telephones, wifi, etc.). We have therefore developed a specific protocol: the provision of torsion field correctors at different stages of preparation and conditioning of the marine plasma. These devices make it possible to protect the seawater from the electromagnetic frequencies emitted by the filtration equipment and to maintain the vibratory quality of the seawater at its maximum potential. This energy value is regularly tested in Switzerland to verify the quality of our protocol.

    You will find under our bottles a small self-adhesive device that protects the seawater during the transport-storage stages. It should be removed when opening the bottle. The device can be reused to correct any electrical-electronic equipment.

  • Quality analyses

    Qualitative analyses: Before packaging a batch, we perform a bacteriological analysis to ensure the absence of pathogenic bacteria. The analysis is carried out by a French laboratory approved by the authorities.

    Vibration quality analyses: We consider sea water as a living product and sensitive to polluting vibrations. We therefore carry out regular analyses to check the vibratory quality of the water, the quality of the protective device for storage and transport (torsion field corrector) and the quality of the water at the time of consumption. These analyses are carried out in Switzerland by a specialist: Mr Nicolas Stelling who has a specific equipment (the bioscope) and establishes protocols with all the Swiss rigour. These analyses show that the vibratory quality of OdeVie seawater is at least equal to oceanic seawater and that the protective device allows the initial vibratory quality of the seawater to be maintained. We can show and comment on these results upon request.

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