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Because of its high mineral concentration, you can mix one volume of HYPERTONIC Marine Plasma with 3 volumes of spring water.

For instance, for one drink: Devise your cup in 4 equal parts,
Fill one part with hypertonic Marine Plasma (1/4 of it)
Fill the rest with spring water (3/4)

For 1l bottle:
Fill 250cl (1/4 of the bottle) of hypertonic Marine Plasma
Fill the 750cl (3/4) left with spring water
Shake the bottle. Your drink is ready. 

Which spring water should you use?
Mont Roucous, Rosée de la reine, Volvic or, if unavailable, tap water or osmotic water.



  • 1L of  ÕDEVIE hypertonic plasma = 18,80 € (average price on our website)
  • = 100 hypertonic plasma bulbs
  • Average price in stores: 19 € for 30 bulbs
  • Which means 59 € for 100 bulbs
  • You are then saving 40€


  • 1L of  ÕDEVIE hypertonic plasma = 18,80 € (average price on our website)
  • = 4l of isotonic Marine Plasma (once the mix is done)
  • = 400 bulbs of isotonic plasma
  • Average price in stores: 19€ for 30 bulbs
  • Which means that 300 bulbs = 253 € 
  • You are then saving: 234€

HYPERTONIC Marine Plasma is 100% made of seawater: it thus contains a lot of minerals and salt. When you drink it, your body has to compensate for this salt excess. It is then recommended to drink it in small quantity for its toning effect. People who have hypertension problems or water retention should however avoid it.

ISOTONIC Marine Plasma is 25% made of seawater and 75% made of spring water: it thus contains the same proportion of minerals and salt as blood plasma and body liquids. It can then be drunk in higher quantity without any risk. However, one should start the cure in small quantity first.

5min40 video of Mr Maxence Layet, journalist: click here (lien)


The glass bottles can be preserved for several months in a fresh place away from light. You should prioritize them if you want to stock them for long. The expiry date is written on the label. 
PET bottles can be preserved for several weeks away from light.
They are free phthalate and bisphenol A. The expiry date is written on the label. 

How to preserve isotonic plasma (hyper+spring water mix) 
When the mix is done, we recommend storing it in a glass bottle.
It can be preserved for a few days at room temperature (15-20°C), or outside.
It is not recommended to drink it fresh or cold. 


When should I drink an isotonic mix?
At any moment of the day, preferably in several takes and outside of mealtimes, but you should adapt your takes to your activity and needs. Trust your body!

Can I mix it with tea or fruit juice?
For it to assimilate well, it is preferable to drink it as it is without any adding anything else. However, for people who find the taste too strong, it is possible to mix it with juice.

How long does a cure last in average?
We recommend a cure that lasts at least one month but many drink it for a year because it makes them feel good.

When do I feel the first effects?
It depends each’s current state, but the first effects are usually felt after one month.


For children?
It is possible to add a bit of isotonic Marine Plasma in the baby bottle of your child. Then, increase the quantity of isotonic Marine Plasma according to the child’s weight and activity.

For pregnant women?
Since the body is deeply involved to give a body to the future baby, it is highly recommended to do a Marine Plasma cure to fortify your body. Moreover, post-partum depression is followed by a fall of mineral status: the plasma cure during pregnancy will prevent or limit this effect.

For seniors?
Isotonic Marine Plasma is recommended to fight against natural dehydration and/or particularly hot weather.


The pumping, production, analyses, preservation, sterilization, storage, conditioning, making of special cartons, the fast shipping at your home, payment management, bills, delivery, return… are many steps that are added to the cost of seawater.
Our goal is to offer a high-quality Marine Plasma for an affordable price.  We have thus compressed all the useless additional costs to offer you different packagings with the best prices on the market.
By comparing our offer with our competitors (up to 80€ per liter of isotonic plasma, or 120€ per liter for equivalent bulbs), you will see for yourself its quality.

René quinton

René Quinton is a well-known biologist who was able to show the similitude between blood plasma and marine plasma. This similitude is what explains the efficiency of marine plasma cures.

Information on René Quinton: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/René_Quinton

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