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Hypertonic or Isotonic?

Hyper or Iso, what’s the difference?
The HYPERTONIC solution is 100% seawater
It contains a great amount minerals and a lot of salt.
When you drink it, the body has to compensate the excess of salt. It is better to drink it in small quantities for its toning effect and over a period of 5 to 7 days.
People who deal with hypertension and/or water retention should however avoid it.

The ISOTONIC solution is a diluted solution, made from the Õdevie hypertonic solution
with spring water or water with low mineral content, in order to obtain a drink with the same iono-mineral composition as blood plasma or extra-cellular liquid, and therefore 100% assimilable.
Advantage: its properties make it a directly assimilable, remineralizing, revitalizing and draining drink.


Can anybody drink marine plasma?

Isotonic solution
NO restrictions but you ALWAYS have to do a test beforehand with small amounts and increase gradually.

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Watch the video how to prepare isotonic solution

Hypertonic solution
NOT INDICATED for people with high blood pressure or kidney problems.
For all other people: 10 to 20 ml (max 50 ml) per day, 1 to 7 days long.
Keep the dose in your mouth for a while, salivate well and swallow.
Boosting in case of severe fatigue or very long-term sport practice.

In case of severe or long-standing illness, ALWAYS start with small quantity of hypotonic.
HYPOTONIC = more diluted, i. e. 1 volume of hypertonic for 4 to 5 volumes of spring or weakly mineralized water.
Start with 1 to 3 tablespoons of this drink for 1 week.
You do not notice ANY trouble, then you can drink up to 50 ml of hypotonic solution per day.
WARNING: increase very slowly to reach 50 ml, possibly 100 ml if it is good for you.
ALWAYS take the advice of your doctor’s advisor.


Isotonic in prevention
The nasal spray can be used daily to maintain your nasal mucous membranes and support their proper functioning.
The mucous membranes are the first barriers against viruses and bacteria!

Instructions for use :
1 spray of isotonic solution in each nostril morning and evening.

Hypertonic against colds and coronavirus :
The ELVIS study from the University of Edinburgh indicates that nasal irrigation and gargling with hypertonic solution reduce the duration of upper respiratory infections by several days.

How can this be done?
Nosewash and gargle with hypertonic up to 12 times a day
Indeed, participants in the ELVIS study reduced the duration of their infection (cold or coronavirus) by 1.9 days, the use of over-the-counter medication by 36%, the contagion by 35%, and their viral range.

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Particularly rich in magnesium

Particularly rich in magnesium?
Yes, because our hypertonic solution contains 1290 mg of magnesium per liter.

What type of magnesium?
Only magnesium that is naturally found in seawater. NO ADDED MAGNESIUM.

Why is Õdevie particularly rich in magnesium and other bio-available minerals?
That is because of its catchment area:

  • geologically characterized by its tectonic tensions
    (related to the junction between the African and European plates)
  • known for its constant under-water volcanic activity;
    it relates and moves a great quantity of mineral substances
  • the Alboran Sea, swept by powerful sea currents (on the surface and in deep sea)
    linked to the Mediterranean-Atlantic Ocean junction
    These currents, called “upwellings”, hang the minerals and favor mineral dissolution and incorporation in the water’s morphological structure.
  • 2 gigantic circular mouvements (gyres) give us a dynamized water

All these factors cause an intense planktonic activity that “pre-digests” mineral and make them bio-available.
The result is a super-dynamized seawater that is particularly rich in bio-available mineral substances (12 to 15 % more mineral substance than in ocean water). Quality Details

Prepare your isotonic solution

Because of its high level of minerals, Õdevie is diluted as follows:
For 1 volume of hypertonic solution, you add 3,5 volumes of spring water

How to prepare my isotonic solution ? Watch video

Example for any glass:
Select the isotonic quantity wished, divide it by 4,5, you will obtain the quantity of hypertonic, then fill the rest with spring water or low-mineralized water.

Example for a 100 ml glass:
Pour 22 ml of hypertonic seawater
Fill the 78 ml left with spring water or low-mineralized water
Shake it, your drink is ready!

Which spring water should I use?
Mont-Roucous, Rosée de la Reine or anything similar
If not, use tap water or reverse osmosis water instead
Water in bottle: Volvic

Save up!

We are fortunate to have the highest mineral content in the market!

Containing between 39,8 and 40.5 g of minerals (depending on the batch since it’s a living drink), you can dilute one volume of Õdevie with 3,5 volumes of spring water!


  • 1 L of HYPERTONIC ÕDEVIE seawater
    = At least 100 bulbs of hypertonic plasma of 10 ml
    = 450 bulbs of isotonic plasma
  • 1 L of HYPERTONIC ÕDEVIE seawater
    = 4,5 L of isotonic ÕDEVIE seawater
  • 1 dl of HYPERTONIC ÕDEVIE seawater (129 mg of magnesium)
    = 34% of the daily-recommended intake of magnesium
  • 500 ml of ISOTONIC ÕDEVIE seawater
    = 42% of the daily-recommended intake of magnesium
In principle, for all orders received during the week, it takes between 2 and 4 working days for delivery,
unless there is a problem during delivery (breakage, loss of package, address error, etc.)
If you order during the weekend, please allow 2 to 4 days from Monday.


Store your seawater

How long can I store my bottle?
Closed glass bottles and BIB (Bag in box)can be stored up to 2 years in a fresh place away from light.
The expiry date for consumption is always written on the labels.

Should I store it in the fridge once I open it?
No that isn’t necessary, unless you don’t plan on consumming your Õdevie in the next 4-5 months.
After you open your bottle, hypertonic solutions can easily be stored for several weeks, in a fresh but not cold place, away from light.
No fear, no element will be lost. Carefully close the cork afterwards.

How long can I store my isotonic mix?
Once it’s been made, we recommend you store it in a glass bottle.
It can be stored for quite 2-3 days at room temperature but it’s better to consume it freshly made, little by little.

Drink your seawater

When should I drink the isotonic solution?
At any time during the day, preferably in several intakes or outside of meals, but you should adapt your intakes to your daily activity and needs. Trust your body!

Can I drink it cold or hot?
No, you can only drink the hyper or iso solution at ambient temperature.
Do NOT heat your seawater: it will lose all its properties.

Can I drink it with tea or fruit juice?
For a good assimilation, it is best to drink the solution without adding anything else.
However, the taste is too strong for some people. So in that case (or simply for pleasure) it is possible to mix hypertonic plasma with fruit juice, vegetable juice or any other natural extract.

How long in general does a course last?
We recommend at least a one month course, but many people drink it the whole year because it makes them feel good.
Like for all courses, it is best to sometimes take small breaks, or drink it 5 days out of 7.

When do we feel the first effects?
It depends on the individual but the first effects are generally felt after a month.

What should I do if I experience any side effect?
Whatever the side effect is, we recommend you immediately STOP your course and contact your health practitioner.

What is the device under the bottle?

A small sticker under your bottle?
This is a torsion field corrector.
From the pumping to the delivery, we put a torsion field corrector to protect the product throughout its journey.

You will find the device under every bottle (beside the 250 ml ones) and on the bag of BIB, near the tap. We recommend you keep it to preserve that correction.
> Before recycling your empty bottles, you can take the device off and use it on your own electronic devices such as your phone, tablet, etc.

What about pregnant women and babies?

For pregnant women:
As your body anticipates giving birth, it is highly recommended for you to strengthen it with a seawater course: see our dedicated chapter.

For mothers who breastfeed:
Marine plasma and breastfeeding are absolutely compatible!
To help, drink 10ml of hypertonic solution with 40 ml of carrot/fennel juice.
In case of sore breasts, mix the milk with an equal volume of hypertonic solution and apply it on the injured spots 4 times a day.

For babies:
It is possible to add isotonic solution to the baby bottle, 1 teaspoon (5.5ml) a day.
Then, slowly increase the dosage up to 20 ml per day depending on the weight and daily activity of the child.

What about children, adults and seniors?

For children:
It is possible to give them a little bit of isotonic solution: between 10 and 30 ml a day.

For adults:
It is perfectly suitable for adults who do not have any particular infection.
No marine plasma if you have hypertension.
You can take between 100 – 500 ml per day depending on your physical activity and your mineral needs.

For seniors:
It is highly recommended to drink isotonic solution to prevent natural dehydration and/or dehydration that comes with high temperatures: 50 to 150 ml of isotonic solution, 1 or 2 times a day to hydrate your body
It revitalizes, remineralizes, and works as an antioxidant: 10 ml of hypertonic solution in fruit juice that is high in flavonoids (pomegranate, grape, blueberry, etc.)

Seawater sterilized in cold, is that an expensive product ?

Yes, perhaps… but:
The pumping, the production, the sterilization in cold, the devices to correct torsion fields, the analyses, the storing and packaging, as well as the delivery of your product, the payment management and invoices, the blog and website, the conferences and online webinars, the research, documents, videos and social medias… these are all the steps and factors that add to the initial cost of seawater.

Why do all of this then?
To offer you the best product possible, to promote it because we believe in its benefits and want to see it used on a wider scale.
Because you deserve to know what’s natural and safe to be healthy!

Still! The price is still quite high!
Our goal is to offer a hypertonic and isotonic seawater at a price that is accessible.
For this reason, we mashed all the unnecessary costs to offer you different packages with the best prices yet same quality that was is on the market. But we also have to make a living and pay those who work for and with us.
It is our duty to properly pay them for their work.

In comparison, our competitors on the market charge up to 80€ the liter of isotonic plasma or 120€ for a bulb equivalent. You can see the quality of what we offer for yourself.
It’s up to you to choose, you’re free!

René Quinton

René Quinton is a famous biologist who discovered the similitude between human blood and isotonic marine plasma. This similitude is what explains the great efficiency of seawater courses.

More on René Quinton: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/René_Quinton