We are 3 people, passionate by the simplicity and efficiency of Marine Therapy that we’ve been using personally and/or professionally for many years. This passion is what inspired us to:

  • Join our skills to offer a seawater of quality that unquestionably respects Quinton’s protocol and is offered in packaging and prices that are accessible to all,
  • Create a network for exchange and sharing around this wonderful product to improve knowledge, protocol and application,
  • Develop a network for experimented therapists by offering thematic trainings,
  • Inform the general public so that each can profit from the benefits of this product in their daily life.

Loic Lechevalier – Director
After graduating from hotel school, Loic worked for 10 years as production manager for Sodexo. There, he realized the fundamental role that food and diet played on our health, and started a long introspection which drove him towards nutrition, natural therapy trainings, meditation and a priestly path.
By seeing the remarkable therapeutic effects of Marine Plasma and the necessity to let more people know about this product that is simple, natural and lively at the same time, he decided to collaborate with Jémina and Jean-Philippe to search for high-quality seawater and distribute it under the brand Õdevie.

Jémina Figuès – Consulting Office Director, Commercial Consultant for Õdevie
Passionate about flora ever since she was a child, Jemina followed a Florist-Botanic education. Once she obtained her diploma, she carried out this profession in Paris for one of the best laborers in France. Because of the regular use of phytosanitary products in her work, she developed allergies that forced her to a redeployment. She independently trained herself in the field of medicinal plants, naturopathy, and later essential oils and phytotherapy, which she now uses to treat herself in her daily life. Her knowledge in botanic, agronomy and biology will be great assets to broaden her skills. 
Mother of 3 children, she now works in various jobs in health and natural product marketing, such as Marine Plasma.

Jean-Philippe Figuès — STS Logistics Director, Quality and Logistics Provider for Õdevie 
After completing a professional training in metal construction and working for a few years in this job, Jean-Philippe started his own company in the field. A severe burnout halted his work and finally pushed him to leave the field.
Conventional medical treatments found themselves to be fruitless; it is through an intensive one-year Marine Plasma cure, supported by a specific and adapted alimentation that he recovered his health.
Made stronger by this new start and his technical skills, he created a second company in the logistics field, more specifically for natural products such as Marine Plasma, while ensuring the respect of these products during the handling.

We attach great importance to the quality of our product, to the respect of the ‘‘contract’’  we offer (respect of the organoleptic and vibratory quality, delays, quality/price ratio, confidentiality, training quality) and to the building of a trusting relationship with you. These 3 elements guide us in our daily approach.

Our local partners are committed to the respect of our quality criteria and ethic.
France: ÕdeVie is registered with the French authorities (VAT FR Number 11 838 939 452)
Europe: ÕdeVie respects the European legislation regarding online sales, such as the refund policy. For more information: consult our General Sale Conditions (lien).

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information:
Loic Lechevalier: +41(0)22 548 00 21
Jémina Figuès: +33 (0)9 75 18 84 29
Jean-Philippe Figuès: +33 (0)5 44 20 23 26

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