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to Remineralize, Regenerate, Drain…

Or simply to STIMULATE your body! Whether we call it Marine Plasma, Quinton Plasma, Quinton Water, Quinton Serum or Aqua Marina, seawater sterilized according to Quinton’s protocol continues to surprise us with its simplicity and great efficiency ever since René Quinton started his research at the beginning of the 20th century (*).

Its main effects are:

To bring trace elements and bio-available minerals (such as magnesium, an extremely valuable mineral) in adequate proportions for your body’s needs.
To drain cell fluids(70% of our body is made of water) which then promotes the exchange and transport of metabolic waste related to stress. It promotes weight loss and vitality.
To alkalinize(antacid) the body with minerals that help maintaining a good acid-base balance, a key element in our health.
To restore and elevate your energy status by stimulating 100 000 billion cells in your body.
Because of its positive action on the body, it assists you in every difficulty: aging, illness, burnout, recovery, hospitalisation, trauma. In no case does it ever replace a medical treatment.

Who is it for? 

For every member of the family, from the youngest to the eldest, for professional athletes and amateurs, for people in postoperative or postpartum recovery, for those who experienced a great choc or extreme exhaustion, and those who simply want to improve their daily energy. In hypertonic solution (pure) for whips or in isotonic solution (diluted with water) for a care cure. Click here: How to consume
Because of its great value, its excellent tolerance alongside populations and its lack of side effects, ÕDEVIE’s seawater has a great demand that keeps increasing all around the world.
Try it! Your vitality and general well-being will quickly improve.

(*) IMAGINE a journey inside your body: the 100’000 billion cells who form it are swimming in a liquid called ‘‘blood plasma’’ that is similar to seawater. This liquid’s quality will massively influence the health, vitality, mood and other aspects of the body. It was around 1910 that the biologist René Quinton revealed the similarity between isotonic seawater and blood plasma, and most importantly the possibility to drink it and/or perfuse it. He created many clinics and saved the lives of thousands of children with isotonic seawater perfusions, also known as Quinton Plasma. For more information, click here.