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Point relais: vous avez 7 jours pour retirer votre colis!
Point relais: vous avez 7 jours pour retirer votre colis!
Minéraux du plasma marin, de l'eau minérale, pareil?

Absorption of minerals from marine plasma and spring water

The bioavailability of minerals

Minerals are found in our soils. In the state they are not absorbable by human beings, they must be extracted in the form of ions by living micro-organisms , capable of coating or pre-digesting these minerals. 

The organisms allowing this transformation are called "autotrophs", these are , among others , certain plants, cyanobacteria and phytoplankton. 

The minerals we absorb daily through our diet have gone through this process. They are extracted from the soil and transformed by the plants we eat. Just as the minerals we find in meat were first extracted from ingested plants. 

The minerals of marine plasma and those of mineral waters

Concerning the minerals of the marine plasma, it is the phytoplankton , present naturally , which makes them 100% assimilable. 

The minerals in mineral water are extracted from the ground directly, without undergoing coating or pre-digestion, which makes them difficult to assimilate as they are.

The interest of mineral totum in marine plasma

Maintaining homeostasis is a balancing act, the excess or deficiency of one mineral may prevent the absorption of another or stimulate its elimination (copper and iron relationship for example). 

The totum of isotonic marine plasma minerals is already in balance, which makes it possible to avoid the phenomena of antagonism and competition.

Why choose low mineral water for isotonics? 

Non-soluble (non-predigested) salts, such as those in mineral water, are difficult to assimilate and compete with the soluble salts of marine plasma, which partly prevents their absorption. 


Source: work by Professor Marc Henry on the absorption of minerals, 02.11.2015 :

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