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Point relais: vous avez 7 jours pour retirer votre colis!
Point relais: vous avez 7 jours pour retirer votre colis!


Particularly rich in magnesium

Our average daily consumption of magnesium has tended to decrease since the beginning of the last century. For what? Reduced magnesium content of industrially prepared foods, consumption of drugs, diarrhoea, intestinal malabsorption. Consequences? Strokes, lasting fatigue, muscle weakness, irritability, sometimes malaise and dizziness. Various studies have, for example, shown that the average daily magnesium intake of adults in the United States is only around 75% of the RDA and that 75% of the population is at risk for magnesium deficiency.

1290 mg per liter! A priceless treasure

1290 mg per liter! A priceless treasure

Magnesium contributes to normal energy metabolism, normal functioning of the nervous system and normal muscle function, maintenance of normal bones, electrolyte balance and reduction of fatigue. Its role is essential in muscle contraction. It opposes the penetration of calcium into the cells, which provides them with membrane stability. It is involved in the cascade of stress reactions.

Magnesium: cofactor of more than 300 enzymatic reactions

Our body is a complex machine that requires a multitude of interdependent elements. Magnesium is one of them!

It is an essential daily item.

it plays an essential role in intracellular processes related to the transformation of energy substances such as glucose. Its presence is decisive in the cells: it allows the production of energy, participates in the synthesis of nucleic acids (important constituents of DNA) and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, maintains a close link with phosphocalcic metabolism by increasing the release of PTH (parathyroid hormone or parathormone), participates in the different stages of hydroxylation of vitamin D, also participates in the regulation of serum potassium by reducing the renal excretion of potassium.

There are traces of almost all of the elements of Mendeleiev's table in the hypertonic seawater solution, which makes it, once diluted in isotonic solution, an ideal drink to supplement a modern diet and guarantee normal functioning. optimal metabolism