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Point relais: vous avez 7 jours pour retirer votre colis!
Point relais: vous avez 7 jours pour retirer votre colis!

Õdevie Quality

Wealth of the environment

Wealth of the environment

Õdevie sea water is collected from the Alboran Sea, located at the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea. Sector, geologically characterized by tectonic tensions linked to the meeting of the African and European plates, known for its permanent underwater volcanic activity. This activity releases and displaces large quantities of mineral substances and gives our seawater specific properties.
The second characteristic is the presence of powerful marine currents (at the surface and at depth), linked to the Mediterranean - Atlantic Ocean. These currents, called "upwelling", put the minerals back in suspension and promote the dissolution and incorporation of the minerals into the morphological structure of the water (2 gigantic circular movements (gyres) ensure the dynamization of the water).
The result is intense planktonic activity which “predigests” the minerals and makes them bioavailable.

Result: super-energized water particularly rich in bioavailable mineral substances (12 to 15% more mineral substances than ocean waters).

Documented sources:

Report of the United Nations Environmental Protection Program on the Alboran Sea

Description of the specific hydrological movements of the Alboran Sea

Collected 24 hours a day in a protected natural park

Collected 24 hours a day in a protected natural park

Protected Natural Park of Cabo de Gata (CDG):
This is where the catchment jug is located, positioned 1,300 meters from the coast and at a depth of 38 meters, in order to take advantage of a vortex linked to the Atlantic current. The pumping is carried out 24 hours a day to benefit from all the conditions of salinity, solar and lunar light, temperature, sea current, etc. offered by each cycle. Our water is thus a totum of all these conditions.

The area is sparsely inhabited with many wild areas.
Merchant navigation is strictly prohibited.
Sports activities are restricted and strictly controlled.
Discharges of whatever origin are strictly controlled.
In order to check the quality of the water, we regularly carry out analyzes of the pollutants: 2019-09-10 (click here)

Documented sources :

Informations officielles sur CDGInscription du CDG aux Nations Unies

Découvrez en vidéo la beauté du parc naturel CDG

Découvrez en vidéo les profondeurs marines du parc CDG

Sterilizing filtration

Sterilizing filtration

After pumping, the water is left to stand for about a week. It is then subjected to cold microfiltration and then left to stand again for a week. It undergoes a final cold sterilizing filtration (0.2 microns*) in accordance with the protocol defined by René Quiton. Seawater is bottled immediately after filtration and then allowed to rest before transport.

*0.2 micron filters are used in water filtration devices for travel in tropical areas and remove algae, bacteria and most viruses.


A Living Remedy

We consider seawater to be a living product and sensitive to polluting vibrations (radio waves, frequencies emitted by engines, machines, telephones, wifi, etc.).
That's why we have therefore developed a specific protocol: provision of torsion field correctors at the different stages of preparation and conditioning of marine plasma (except for isotonic bottles). These devices make it possible to protect the seawater from the electromagnetic frequencies emitted by the filtration equipment and to maintain the vibratory quality of the seawater at its maximum potential.

This energy value is regularly tested in Switzerland to verify the quality of our protocol. You will find under our bottles a small self-adhesive device that protects the seawater during the transport-storage stages.

The + Õdevie: You can take off and reuse this device at home, on a personal basis, to correct any electrical-electronic equipment. For a mobile phone, it will be necessary to use several.

Quality analyzes

Quality analyzes

Concerned about the state of the seas in general, the quality of our seawater is OUR priority. We have it analyzed regularly by an approved laboratory.
Bacteriological analysis: go to the top of the page, enter your batch number and discover the results.

The latest analyzes of pollutants in any kind and minerals:

Analysis of the main minerals

Analysis of 300 pollutants: 2021-09-17