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Point relais: vous avez 7 jours pour retirer votre colis!
Point relais: vous avez 7 jours pour retirer votre colis!


Hypertonic marine plasma, cold sterilized according to René Quinton's protocol, excluding any other sterilization process, mineral content 40.4‰.
In a 3L bag-in-box with handle (cardboard box and high protection food-grade plastic EVOH pouch).

Captured in Cabo de Gata Protected Natural Park. (UNESCO 1997)
Vibration rate maintained by a unique device, torsion field corrector .

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In isotonic solution (diluted) to remineralize, regenerate, revitalize, drain.
In hypertonic solution (pure) for a boost, an intense remineralization.
(more info, read How to consume)


Hypertonic marine plasma is not recommended for people with high blood pressure or severe kidney problems.

In these cases, it is advisable to consume isotonic solution, diluted at the rate of one volume of hypertonic solution to 5 volumes of spring water (Mont Roucous, Rosée de la Reine, Mont Calm, etc.) or low mineralized water, osmosed water, etc.
Start by taking 1 tablespoon per day, then gradually increase. Stop immediately in case of discomfort.


100% natural sea water cold sterilized according to the Quinton protocol.

Additional information

In addition to the contribution of minerals, electrolytes, hypertonic marine plasma promotes the assimilation of nutrients and all food supplements.
Bag-in-Box (cardboard box + alimentary plastic bag + tap): 10x21,5x17 cm (WxHxD)


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