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Fabriquer de l'isotonique soi-même c'est possible ?

Is it possible to make isotonic yourself?

It's even very simple

It is enough to dilute 1 vol. of hypertonic with 3.5 vol. spring water  or weakly mineralized in order to obtain the famous ISOTONY.

Indeed, the hypertonic is the basis of the isotonic!

What interest ?

It's much more economical than buying the isotonic already prepared, and very practical because it reduces storage space! 

In addition, you have "2 products in 1": you can, at any time, complete your isotonic cure with 1 or 2 doses of 10ml hypertonic for a boost effect!


Prepare the isotonic

Video demonstration


Otherwise, we did the calculations for you ;)
100ml of isotonic marine plasma = 22ml of hypertonic + 78ml of water
250ml of isotonic marine plasma = 55ml of hypertonic + 195ml of water


Great, I'll take hypertonic then.

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