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Point relais: vous avez 7 jours pour retirer votre colis!
Point relais: vous avez 7 jours pour retirer votre colis!
Le Jeûne et Õdevie

Fasting and Õdevie

What role does marine plasma play in supporting fasting?

What does fasting mean?

This consists of voluntarily reducing your nutritional intake for a given period. A fast can be spiritual or religious, wellness or therapeutic. Here we will talk about the wellness fast.

The wellness fast usually takes place over 5 to 7 days and often combines other practices such as hiking, meditation and yoga. Most often, it is a water fast where the only caloric intake consists of fruit juices and broths.

Who is fasting?

Spiritual or well-being fasts are aimed at healthy people, while therapeutic fasting is generally offered by a doctor to people with pathologies .

Why fast?

Whatever the aim, fasting is a practice of detoxifying the body and the mind.
It can be practiced preventively or curatively, with medical support.

What happens in the body?

Food deprivation forces the body to adapt by reducing and altering metabolism in order to maintain vital functions from reserves. There are three metabolic phases of fasting (1)

  • From 0 to 24h: the body metabolizes in the usual way using glucose as an energy substrate.

  • From 24 hours to 5 days: depletion of glucose and glycogen, the body and brain requisition fat and protein reserves to manufacture glucose.

  • Beyond 5 days: production of ketone bodies; they are glucose substitute molecules produced by the liver and kidneys for the proper functioning of the brain.

When to fast?

At the change of seasons, after the holidays, in sports preparation, during recovery, ... It's up to you!

And Õdevie in all this?

Õdevie, essential ally of remineralization supports you before, during and after fasting.

  • Before: to prepare the body of the most weakened by providing a totum of minerals and facilitating drainage for the detoxification to come.
    100 ml of isotonic solution per day, 1 month before.
  • During: to alleviate difficult healing crises linked to mineral leaks (headaches, strokes). And also to bring a little boost in case of great fatigue during hikes for example.
    10 ml of hypertonic solution for a boost, in addition to the 100-200ml ml of isotonic solution that you can drink per day.
  • After: to continue remineralization and rebalance the ground in order to regain form and vitality.
    100 ml of isotonic solution per day, 1 month before.
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