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Point relais: vous avez 7 jours pour retirer votre colis!
Point relais: vous avez 7 jours pour retirer votre colis!
Elias Kadi et l'ultra trail

Testimonial – Snowshoes05

"I participated in an ultra-trail last weekend in Italy. I wanted to give you a little feedback on the use of Odevie in my preparation. Unfortunately, due to a misunderstanding of last minutes with the organization (…) I did not use Õdevie during the effort, complicated to organize.

On the other hand, over the last 2 months of preparation, I drank it daily at the rate of about 1L of isotonic per day! 250 ml in the morning, at noon, in the evening before sleeping and 250 ml directly after a training session. I am now convinced that it played a huge role in my performance, because it is the 1st time that I have not had cramps or even felt small involuntary contractions!!!

Since the start of my practice in trail running, it has always been problematic, I have missed a lot of races because of that. But today and I hope for the future it is a solved problem...

In addition, as I achieved by far a great performance, the best of my little career, I was far from imagining that I could run so fast over this distance with very few slacks during the race.

I will do a more detailed topo on the social networks in the next few days.

But I'm really happy to collaborate with you on this Top product 🙂 »

Elias, Team Snowshoes05, June 29, 2021

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